Solar Power for Camping Trips

Perhaps you’ve already heard about solar power systems. People often think that solar power is very expensive but that was years ago. Today, you can already find more affordable alternatives in order to enjoy the free energy from the sun. Many individuals love to go camping and if you’re one of them, you may as well carry a solar power system with you.

But are the systems reliable, portable enough, practical, and readily available?

RV camping can be a lot more fun if you have a solar power system with you. However, some campers simply find the whole system as unnecessary. The camping spaces are usually fully hooked up so you won’t need the system unless there is power failure. The trips are usually carefully planned and you will need to reserve for the hook-up. You can also go on an RV camping without the hookup. You can explore quiet and remote places for a couple of days. In this case, the solar power system is a must and it’s practical to have them around. Before you go camping, you must determine your electrical requirements. The camping schedule should also be appropriately chosen to make sure that there will be plenty of sunshine. The batteries can be charged using the system. Once you determine the load, you can now estimate the size of the system. Purchase the needed materials and start the installation of batteries, solar panels, and inverters. These are needed to produce the required energy.

Today, there are several solar power systems that are suitable to RVs. Shop around and you can find one that will suit your budget and needs. If you’re planning to bring electrical devices, you must calculate their energy needs so that you won’t use up all the solar energy. Try to limit the number of electrical devices you bring; besides, you’re going camping to explore nature so you can do away with the convenience of these devices.

Even if you’re camping without RVs, you can still make use of the solar power system. You can already find lightweight and portable units that generate solar power. There are flexible panels that can be carried to campsites and you will just spread them on the ground where there is direct sunlight. The generated power is enough to light a small bulb and a heater. Special backpacks collect sun’s energy and convert them into electricity which can be used to recharge your iPod, camera, and cellular phone.

Solar power is no longer limited to homes, offices, and other bog establishments. Now, it is already possible to carry solar power systems anywhere you go. Camping will be more fun if you bring a solar power system with you. Forget about conventional generators that consume fuel. You can get free electricity from the systems that are sold in the market. In the US, solar power is already recognized and many households are now using them.

Next time you plan to go camping, make sure that you bring a dependable solar power system. Plan your outing carefully and make sure that you pick the right date and day as well. If it’s sunny, you can produce more energy. Bring limited electric devices and bring only the essentials. Solar power is clean and renewable so you can stay out camping for as long as you like without worrying about energy consumption.

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Solar Power in the US

Sunlight contains energy and if you can capture it using a special gadget, you can turn it into electricity. For many years, solar power was always overlooked. But now that the world is becoming warmer, the sources of fossil fuels are depleting, and the cost of electricity is continuously rising, many people now realize the importance of solar power.

With solar power, you will no longer have to worry about electricity once you’ve installed the solar power system. Aside from that, you will get clean and renewable energy. When you install a solar power system, you’re able to hit two birds with one stone – you’re able to save the earth and you can save a lot of money in the coming years. The system can last for about twenty years and that’s like a lifetime already. With proper care and maintenance, the system might reach thirty years of service.

In the US, solar power is gaining popularity. Years ago, it would have been impossible to use solar power in homes because it was too expensive. But thanks to modern technology, many homeowners in the US as well as businesses now make use of solar energy. Power bills can surely be reduced thereby saving the environment and the pockets of homeowners or businesspersons.

Some places in the US enjoy a lot of sunlight particularly Los Angeles California. There are so many solar power systems available today and solar panels are just one of them. Despite the many benefits of solar power, have you ever wondered why very few people use it? At this point, experts claim that solar power is still inefficient. To generate more electricity, then larger solar panels are needed which are quite bulky. Just imagine putting a large and ugly panel on your rooftop which can destroy your home’s overall beauty? Ready made solar panels are quite costly that ranges from $35,000 – $250,000 depending on the size.

Scientists are still conducting researches and at present, solar power is said to be more efficient now unlike many years ago. Drastic changes were made thereby improving the solar panel’s price and appearance. With the invention of the photovoltaic cells, solar power was greatly improved. The cells will be placed on steel substrate to capture sunlight and the energy will be stored within the battery. The photovoltaic panels contain n layers of cells thereby increasing its efficiency. These new panels make use of the ‘amorphous silicon thin alloy technology’. Through this technology, the cells are not bulky anymore and highly efficient. With stylish photovoltaic panels, your house or office will still look pleasant eve with the panel on top.

Aside from the cell, photovoltaic shingles were also invented. Basically, the shingles modified solar panels. If you don’t want to use bulky solar panels, this is an excellent choice because of its aesthetic and convenient design. The photovoltaic shingles look like ordinary shingles and are colored black.

The photovoltaic cells and shingles have definitely enhanced the solar power technology. Who knows? Perhaps in the future, experts and scientists can now develop smaller cells, panels, etc. Check out LA and see the solar powered homes there. You can now start calculating your home’s electrical requirements so that you can determine the right size of the power system. Start with a small project and work your way up but if you can afford to pay for ready-made ones, go ahead.

Solar Power and Its Uses

Today, a very popular alternative energy source is solar power. Sunlight can be converted into energy with the use of solar power systems. The ways to generate energy vary and different methods are being followed to meet the needs of people everyday. Can you imagine living one day without electricity? That’ll be very hard and unpleasant.

In the past couple of years, people have talked about solar power and you can see a wealth of information online. The reasons why people became suddenly interested in solar energy is because of the ever increasing electric bills, depletion of fossil fuel reserves, and the environmental problems (i.e. global warming, the hole in the ozone layer, etc.).

These three concerns can be addressed by solar power and not only that, you can also save money in the long run after you’re initial investment on the installation of the solar power system. Energy requirements of commercial and domestic establishments can be handled by efficient power systems. Some places who don’t have easy access to conventional power sources usually opt for solar power. Luxury boats and recreational vehicles also make use of solar power. A small percentage of homes in the US also make use of solar power. You can now find solar powered generators, cookers, lights, garden fountains, etc. You can easily create your own solar panels through DIY kits that cost anywhere from $200 to $300. Once you’ve assembled the solar panels, you can now have renewable energy and the good thing about these power systems is that they require little maintenance.

Solar panels are bulky and ugly to look at especially if you place them on the rooftop. But with the availability of photovoltaic cells and shingles, the ‘size’ problem was effectively addressed. You no longer need to install bulky solar panels because the photovoltaic shingles are perfect for your home. The shingles are sometimes called photovoltaic tiles. The energy produced can be used for heating the house and water. You can even heat the water of your pool using solar power. The energy created by the photovoltaic cells and shingles is just like conventional electricity.

Are you familiar with solar water pumps? In remote places, the water pumps are powered by sunlight. Windmills are quite popular when it comes to powering water pumps but now, solar power has become a viable alternative as well.

When you use solar power, you can benefit as long as the system works properly and efficiently. Don’t cut off your existing electricity supply. Since solar power is not that efficient (especially if you’re using the DIY solar power systems), you need to use it in conjunction with the traditional energy source. Just in case something goes wrong, you can turn to the other alternative. By using solar power, you will notice a substantial decrease in the electric bill in the coming months especially if you’re using solar power indoor and outdoor. Take advantage of the special programs, grants, and loans offered by the federal government for people who want to try solar power. Rebates are also given to individuals who are able to consume a certain amount of solar power.

Solar power has many uses and it is not just limited for home or office use. Discover other ways to use solar power. Use it now to help address the three concerns mentioned earlier.

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Solar Power and Global Warming

Who wouldn’t want to get a lifetime supply of free electricity? Well, that can be realized only if you install a dependable and durable solar power system. Solar power is free but only after the installation of the power system. Conventional electricity comes from the burning of fossil fuels that in turn contribute to global warming. The effects of global warming are quite evident nowadays. Many people are now interested in saving the environment to prevent the devastating effects of pollution. One way to decrease pollution and environmental concerns is through the use of solar power.

Solar power can be used in different ways especially in households. You can use it for lighting, for cooking, for heating the house, and many others. Utility bills are very expensive and you can cut it down by installing a solar power system. The system has solar panels that collect sunlight and converts the energy of the sun into electricity. You can readily use the electricity or it can be stored in the batteries.

The sun’s raw energy can’t be used to power homes and it needs to be converted first through the inverter. If you have a solar powered house, you can make use of renewable and clean electricity. Even if you can’t cut off your traditional electrical supply, you will be able to reduce the consumption thereby helping the environment. Electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels that contribute to pollution and global warming. The supply of fossil fuels is also decreasing and the world might face electricity shortage soon if they don’t conserve energy. It would be best to start using solar power now.

Through the efforts of SEPA (Solar Electric Power Association), the public is made aware of the many benefits of solar powered homes. This is the best time to make substantial efforts to save the environment. Solar power can’t possibly replace conventional energy sources today but who knows. If the technological advancements can help in the enhancement of solar power systems, perhaps in the near future the whole world can go green.

Pollution is widespread and it poses a great threat to the world. By reducing traditional electricity consumption, you can also lessen pollution. Solar power can provide clean, renewable, and free electricity. It doesn’t produce harmful emissions. You can enjoy free electricity as long as the system is working properly and as long as the sun rises.

The solar power systems are not that expensive these days. In fact, you already get a solar power kit for as low as $200. Still, the large solar panels are expensive. The federal government in the US offers incentives, loans, grants, rebates, and other financial options to help homeowners in installing a power system. Take advantage of these financial options so that you can start helping the environment.

Solar power systems can serve your home for about twenty years when properly maintained. It’s like an entire lifetime if you start now. If every home around the world patronizes solar power, global warming can be greatly reduced and Mother Nature can heal herself. Try to learn more about solar power and if you can afford to install a system at home or in the office, don’t hesitate because you’re doing the world a favor and you also get a lot of benefits.

To Supply the Needed Power

To_Supply_the_Needed_Power-252x396The world is currently suffering from energy and fuel crisis. Fossil fuels are incessantly depleting and so energy bills are soaring higher and higher. Many homeowners and establishments are now complaining about their huge expenses. But did you know that there is an answer to the crisis and it has long been available to man. However, because of its inefficiency, it is not recognized as a viable solution. Solar energy is free but the cost of generating it is a bit expensive. With the vast improvements in technology, there are now more affordable options for those who want to use solar energy to supply power in their homes and offices.

Today, you can find a lot of manufacturers that market solar power kits. How effective are these power kits anyway? Many households are now utilizing the kits because they are efficient and convenient in generating the needed power from sunlight.

Battery chargers that are powered by solar energy are now widely available. Now, you don’t need to rely fully on conventional electricity to power electrical devices. If you install the right size solar panel, you may be able to decrease your dependence on conventional energy sources. The energy from the sun is free and you will simply need to invest on the kit for a good power system.

People usually think that without sunlight, power can’t be generated. The power kits are not only designed to capture the sun’s energy but also to store the energy as well. During sunny weather, energy from the sun is converted into electricity and those that are not consumed will be stored. The stored energy can now be used at night or during unpleasant weather.

With portable chargers, you won’t be able to get enough power. You can only use them for recharging small electric devices and batter packs. Cellular phones can be charged using the portable solar power chargers. The power is easily drained out and so it’s not a very efficient source of energy. Despite the shortcomings of these devices, it would help if you still have them around. Who knows… a few years from now, researchers and scientists may be able to make a major breakthrough in solar power.

Since the power kits are affordable, a lot of people are now using them. A solar panel usually has one charger where you will plug the equipment. The solar chargers are very useful and you can carry them even in your hiking trips. Just place them on your car’s dashboard where sunlight is accessible.

The portable chargers or solar panels can be mounted in the rooftop to get a lot of sunlight. The large panels are still expensive and not many people can afford to buy one. However, governments can subsidize the investment to set up the power system. If you live in a place where the government offers subsidies, grants, and loans for the use of solar power, you’re quite lucky. Take advantage of it so that you can now use free energy. Tax incentives are even offered in some places to encourage residents to go for solar power.

If you’re still not sure about the efficiency of solar power, you can start by using a power kit. You can get the kit for as low as $200 to $300. Try it now and expand the system later on.

Facts on Solar Power


solar_powerThe world is facing a lot of problems including that of environmental concerns like pollution and global warming. Despite these problems, people should not despair. In every problem, there is always a solution and this solution has been available for many years now. It’s just that many people fail to realize its importance and efficacy.

Researchers and scientists have already discovered solar power many years ago but because of the lack of technological knowledge, the idea was not pursued. Solar power was mainly used for powering small electrical devices. But now, with the great technological advancements, people are hoping that solar power will soon become widely accessible even to ordinary individuals. In the US, solar power is used in the different states but it it’s not that prevalent. Huge solar panels are quite expensive and ordinary people can’t afford to pay for them. You can now find solar power kits which are less costly and the price range from $200 to $500.

Before you consider using solar power, here are some facts that you need to be aware of:

  1. Albert Einstein received a Nobel Prize in 1921 for his experiments on photovoltaic and solar power.
  2. Silicon from a ton of sand can be used in photovoltaic panels to generate the same amount of electricity that a 500,000 T of burning coals can produce.
  3. 10,000 US households are now using solar energy to power their homes.
  4. John Herschel (British Astronomer) was able to cook food by using solar power 200 years ago during his African journey.
  5. In 1982, the first large scale power plants was opened in California.
  6. If you can use solar power in your home’s heating system, you can slash the electric bill by 50%.
  7. In the last thirty years, the price of solar panels has dropped considerably by at least 200%. Solar power kits can now be purchased from $200-$500.
  8. In the year 2000, USDOE claimed that solar power is almost perfect (99%) in San Francisco; since California gets a lot of sunlight, 200 megawatts of green electricity can be generated if
  9. the rooftops of county buildings and homes are covered with PV panels. By including school buildings, an added 1,500 megawatts is achievable. The generated power is enough to cover the city’s electrical needs during an entire day.
  10. Germany is now using solar power despite its undesirable climate. The energy generated during sunny days is stored in batteries.
  11. Energy from the sun travels for approximately 8 minutes to reach Earth.

If you’re interested in solar power and you want to try it out, you can start with a solar power kit. It is affordable and easy to assemble. The materials can be purchased from local hardware stores and the guides are easy to understand as well. Make sure that you purchase a kit that is manufactured by a prominent and trusted company to ensure efficiency. Some manufacturers also provide warranty for 10-15 years; take advantage of these great deals.

The facts mentioned earlier will help you to decide whether you can benefit from solar power or not. If you live in an area where there is lots of sunlight all throughout the year, solar power is an excellent choice. Solar power is free and clean. After your initial investment, you no longer have to pay for the energy.